OEM Program

OEM Program

Mission critical call centers and emergency service answer points have long depended on software from Telium to help make open source telephony products enterprise ready. From high availability, to security, to load balancing, Telium's products have been recognized as the leader in functionality and performance (not to mention Telium's outstanding 24/7 support).

As a growing number of end-users have demanded Telium's products at the time of purchase, integrators and PBX hardware manufacturers have sought to include Telium's products as a bundled solution. Telium has responded with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program. The OEM program is designed to offer high-volume integrators and manufacturers with a cost effective method to bundle Telium's products, and include only the functionality appropriate for their platform / solutions.

Similarly, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP's) wanting to offer their customers the benefits of Telium's products across a large number of (virtual/physical) PBX's deployed in ITSP data centers. The OEM program is designed to serve the needs of ITSP's as well though the ability to rapidly deploy a standard system image/template with Telium's products pre-installed, scaling in a cost-effective manner.

Telium's OEM's program offer integrators, manufacturers, and ITSP's:

Telium welcomes OEM program inquiries from all qualified integrators, manufacturers, and ITSP's. Please contact Telium at the email address / phone number listed on the contact page above for more information.