Killed / Not an executable error on start

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Killed / Not an executable error on start

Post by crmuser » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:51 am

When I start SecAst it dies right away with the warning "Killed"

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$ ./secast -f
So I checked the executable using the loader and it says SecAst is not an executable

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$ ldd ./secast
not a dynamic executable
What is wrong? The exact same executable (I copied it using scp) runs great on my first virtual machine, but won't run on the second. They are both VM's, they both run CentOS 6.

(Although not related, several other programs give the same error - so I'm not sure that SecAst is the root cause)
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Re: Killed / Not an executable error on start

Post by Telium Support » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:53 am

The problem may be that your new VM has insufficient memory. I suspect you only allocated <500MB to the VM, so that's barely enough for CentOS alone to run. Increase your memory to at least 2GB and then try again.

If you have enough memory then 'ldd' will tell you if you are missing any libraries, but if ldd can't even parse the executable then something more significant is wrong. (This is not a SecAst problem - you have a system level problem)
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